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From Concept to Commercialization

A Strategic Approach For Bringing Everyday Ideas to Market

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Everyday ideas are all around us, but very few ever make it to the market successfully. If you have come up with a concept for a new product or business but have no clue how to commercialize it, you will find this book highly relevant and useful.

Not all ideas should be pursued; most people fail in their attempts to commercialize their concepts. There is a harsh reality surrounding the process of transforming a concept to a physical goods or business entity. Without the honest assessment of an idea’s profit potential, it is no different from playing the lottery and hoping to win. This book’s value lies in its strategic and business-centric approach to helping you ensure that only winning ideas are invested in.

The book does this by detailing five major aspects of the concept to commercialization process:

  1. The players and their ecosystem
  2. A step by step strategic approach
  3. An extensive list of 120 concept-evaluation questions
  4. Business insights and principles
  5. A tracking and monitoring framework to keep activities in alignment.

It brings clarity to a subject that is highly complex and often muddled with noises and confusions from too much information. It is not a run-of-the-mill type of invention book or start-up book that resembles simplified encyclopedia of what needs to be done. Instead, it is a book intended to explore the real core of profit generation combined with the practical knowledge of “how to” steps. This collection of knowledge can only be divulged with experiences in the trenches but is now available to anyone wishing to achieve the incredible by overcoming the improbable.


Excerpts from Book(Click Images to enlarge)

Sample Pages

Sample Pages (8-13) – Introduction

Sample Pages (36-38) – Chapter 1 Attributes

Sample Pages (76-77) – Chapter 3 Blueprint

Sample Pages (126-127) – Chapter 4 Usage Pattern

Sample Pages (208-209) – Chapter 5 Go-to-Market Strategy

Sample Pages (254-255) – Chapter 7 Profitability




  • Aspiring entrepreneur looking to build a product-based or service-driven company
  • Inventor who is serious about learning the concept to market transformation process
  • Student of entrepreneurial programs looking for real life insights not covered in text books
  • Professor of entrepreneurial studies looking to supplement your curriculum with a first person account of an entrepreneurial experience
  • University researcher contemplating on how to commercialize your scientific discovery or technological breakthrough
  • New product introduction professional looking to supplement your current evaluation system


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One response to “My Book

  1. From Concept To Commercialization is a very thorough resource for the novice inventor as well as the seasoned entrepeneur. We all have ideas, however this book provides the nuts and bolts on how to navigate your way from ideation to commercialization of a product and or a new business venture. The author provides not only the direction one could take, but positively influences the reader to make the right decisions for the right reasons. It’s the kind of book that grabs your attention as the book is a wealth of knowledge. Business service vendors and free resources that cater to inventors and entrepreneurs are also explained in detail in the latter part of the book. The author’s intent is an honest one, by helping inventors and aspiring entrepreneurs “beat the odds when the right idea comes along” by systematically tackling the process.

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