AeroBloks Pictures Gallery

One of the key value propositions of the AeroBloks invention is its versatility.  Put it another way, each building block was engineered to connect along all edges, on both sides.  This gave each block the ability to emulate hinge actions or create a totally sturdy connection that could withstand rough play.   Here’s a sampling of some outstanding configurations:

_     _     _

Different structures could be built in minutes.  They could also be transformed into another one just as easily.  Here are just a few examples:

_     _     _

Packaging of the AeroBloks was anything but easy.  The decision on how many pieces and which shapes and colors to include had to be determined based on a permutation of possible configurations based on the number of pieces and shapes.  We experimented with package sizes of 5 pieces, 8 pieces, 10 pieces, all the way up to 50 pieces and some more in between.  Ultimately we figured out the optimal combination of shapes and units in the 12-piece Fun Pack and the 22-piece Versatility Pack.  This process alone involved hundreds of hours of experimenting, getting feedback, and finding the most popular structures.  Here is a sampling of the packages:

_     _     _

To make the building process easier, we created an Activities and Building Plans Guide.  This guide provided detailed, illustrated step-by-step instruction on how to build the simplest to the most complex structures:

_     _     _

Of course, it came as no surprise that something so unique and versatile won industry awards.  Here is a listing of the awards given to AeroBloks:

_     _     _

Behind the pretty pictures, there were the hours of building prototypes and picture-taking.  Here are some of the behind-the-scene “raw” materials that the market did not see:

_     _     _

The journey would not be complete without actually being on the road to pitch the concept and product to potential buyers.  Here are some of the trade show preparation and exhibition pictures:

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