Real personal freedom is about being able to manage one’s own resources without being dictated by others.  This includes how you choose to spend your time, your money, your thoughts, your speech, and anything else in between.  Financial freedom is merely one manifestation of this deeply seated desire that all of us share.  Striving to become one’s own boss, to start a business, to join a new venture, etc., are all means of achieving financial freedom.  With it, we become freer to pursue other aspects of our lives.

Yet, statistically most people fail, and miserably at that.  Lives can get ruined because of wrong choices, poor timing, bad luck, ignorance, inexperience, and a whole slew of factors that destroy dreams and disrupt lives.

I’ve experienced it first hand; I know how it feels.  I would not wish such demise and all the miseries associated with failing the noble objective of seeking personal freedom upon even the worst of my enemies.  As for my (current and future) friends… naturally I would offer much help with transforming an idea successfully into a product or service.

I was not qualified earlier to do so even with an MBA and 20+ years of professional business experiences.  But with having achieved international distribution for my patented invention, established a service business, and become the capstone of a very successful corporate start-up in my professional background, now I am.

I will share the insights I have learned from the trenches of retail environments, product development, and in general the concept-to-commercialization process with serious aspiring entrepreneurs here.  Such information is what consultants charge thousands of dollars for without any guarantee of success.

I too cannot guarantee anyone’s success anymore than my own.  As I am an extremely hard worker I know that I stand a better chance of succeeding than most others.  Yet I have also learned that success is much more than just hard work and determination; it takes preparations, knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

Welcome to my posts.  I will share what I have learned in the “real world of entrepreneurs”  and hope that my experiences will benefit your own idea-to-market journey.  My “tuition” amounted to several hundred thousand dollars from my own ventures.  Let’s hope yours does not.  Just remember me when you become rich and famous!

Enjoy your visit.


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